E-commerce: rapidity and no reach limitation

An e-commerce can bring an additional stream of income to your physical store or it can be your only sale channel.

Agylax specializes in building successful e-commerce. We place your business on Google and marketplaces by using every web channel to get new customers. There are several customized strategies for each of your products or service.

We can build e-commerce websites on Woo Commerce, PrestaShop, Magento, Shopify or total custom.

Unique, intuitive, clean, safe and functional e-commerce.

We create professional, clean e-commerce websites paying attention to every detail for a perfect user experience. Rely on web experts to build your online store and get good search engines positioning! Your website will be complete with all the essential features.

It is important to create an intuitive and clean e-commerce that perfectly matches your sales category.

We add the most popular payment methods when building e-commerce websites. It allows your customers to make fast and safe payments.



The most common mistakes that kill
your e-commerce


“I already have a store and I think selling online is easy”

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. Selling offline and selling online are two completely different stories. If we want to make a parallel with offline sales, just imagine opening your store in a remote rural village. Do you think you would get the same results as if you opened it next to Piccadilly Circus? Obviously, these two types of businesses do not require the same type of investment. Speaking of an e-commerce, it is the same thing. In fact, starting an e-commerce business is like opening a physical store, it requires a lot of effort to get consistent results. So when you start your e-commerce think about it as the starting point of your physical store. This means you can’t assume that your offline company could start selling online simply because you have an e-commerce.


“I build an e-commerce because a competitor of mine did it”

If a competitor of yours has launched an e-commerce, it makes no sense to build your own just to emulate their behaviour. If you have to copy from someone who started before you, you must do it having a clear strategy in mind. You have to identify your strengths and weaknesses along with those of your competitors. Besides, it’s crucial to find out what set your business apart from the rest.


“I run an e-commerce business but it’s not performing well”

Thinking of going online with your e-commerce and instantly receiving orders is an unrealistic expectation. If we bring back the physical store example, it is like thinking of opening a shop in the same place as a competitor and expecting customers to come to us. In Moto GP, having the best bike is not enough to win. You need a good rider, accomplished engineers, pit-stop mechanics and so on. Similarly, if you want to sell online you need a series of key elements: first of all a well-designed e-commerce, a good amount of target traffic, competitive prices for the same service or product, a good conversion rate, an effective customer loyalty strategy, the creation of a positive brand reputation to trigger trust and word of mouth and many other elements.


“I invest as little as possible in web marketing”

We are often asked: “How much do I have to invest in web marketing? £ 1,000? £ 2,000? £ 10,000? £ 20,000? There is no simple answer because your monthly or annual budget estimate depends on a careful competitor analysis and a series of goals (SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Facebook Ads, Google AdWords etc.). Non-experts often tend to underestimate the investments required in a web marketing activity. They don’t fully understand that these must be commensurate with your activity sector and your competitors’ level, who otherwise will easily prevail. For example, let’s imagine we want to launch a running shoes e-store and we intend to outrank giants like Adidas and Nike in the search results. Could it be possible? Of course yes, but only if you are willing to invest more than Adidas or Nike! So…


“My sales are slow so I invest more in advertising”

This kind of mistake and the previous one are diametrically opposed. It is common to think that spending more money on advertising is enough to increase sales. This is not the case, there are different types of sponsorships. Besides, we don’t have to focus only on traffic, but we must be able to convert visitors into customers. Your website can get 10,000 visitors per day but only sell to 3 users, so this means you can keep on buying all the traffic in the world but you will never get a positive return on your investment. In this context, experts come into play. We will find out which factors are negatively impacting on your conversion rate. This may depend on the product (such as low demand or high price) or it may depend on the website, for example due to a poor user experience.


“If I sell in my country, I could sell abroad too”

Do you think it is enough to translate a website into several languages to sell worldwide? This is another serious mistake. If your website gets good results in the UK, it may not necessarily do the same abroad. For example, an e-commerce is generally SEO-optimized in the native language in which it is built, so Google UK is different to Google USA or Google Italy. If you want to enter foreign markets, first of all it will be necessary to consider new investments. Then, you also need to deal with logistics and target problems. in fact, changing the country of sale requires you to redefine the buyer persona and find out the degree of interest in a specific product or service. Selling abroad is absolutely possible but you need to consider and face all of these challenges.

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