Brands are like people, they have: 

We can build or redesign your brand identity, from name and logo to all brand positioning strategies.

We can build or redesign your brand identity, from name and logo to all brand positioning strategies.

Define your Target audience to conquer the market. To do that, you need a strategy. That is why we conduct a market analysis defining targets and buyer personas, in other words who we want to reach. A successful Brand encompasses a series of features: graphic elements, company’s vision, hallmarks and everything that is perceived by consumers on an emotional and instinctive level.

We support your company to build a coherent and convincing brand identity through different communication strategies.

The Agylax team works to create names, logos and brand identities that can tell the story and the value of its clients’ products and services. We also focus on brand positioning and competitor analysis.

We believe in love at first sight

A well-designed brand makes you fall in love with it every day

Brand strategy

Each project begins with an analysis that aims at identifying all the key features required to build a new brand identity.

We carefully identify your target audience, market trends, your company’s goals, its mission, its values, its vision and verbal communication. The analysis of all these elements enables us to build the "identity card" of the new brand. This strategy then leads to the definition of the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and the creation of a strong brand positioning.

Brand identity

In the next phase, we begin to define the visual identity of your brand, its personality and the type of storytelling to be adopted. Let's start with naming: what name would it be ideal for the brand? A name already exists, but can we use it? After choosing the name, we build a brand visual identity. This involves your logo design, the BTL (below the line) promotion, tone of voice and key visual. The ultimate goal is to ensure that brand communication is coherent and effective.

Brand experience

We study and implement the brand communication strategy according to shared marketing goals. This is the only way to develop effective communication materials and reach your target audience. We comply with the guidelines defined by the brand identity strategy in a creative, coherent and coordinated way: corporate & product websites, e-commerce, social media, brochures, DEM, posters, totems, information desks, billboards, shoppers, newsletters. Creativity for a lasting memory.

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